Research Interest

My research style is interdisciplinary in general. My currently research interest includes:

  • Robotics (Perception, Localization, Cognition, and Control); Multi-robot system;
  • The Internet of Things (IoT, Location Based Services); Multi-Sensor Fusion
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision (Image Restoration, Video Target Tracking Algorithms)
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning; Machine Learning Applications in Optical Communications
  • Image Communication/Optical Camera Communication (OCC)
  • Visible Light Communication (VLC/Li-Fi)


  • 2016.09 ~ 2019.06    South China University of Technology
  • Master Degree, School of Automation Science and Engineering, Control Theory and Control Engineering    
    SupervisorProf. Wu Yuxiang
    • Because of the academic achievements I have got in the undergraduate period, I was the priority recommended and exam-exempted Graduate student
    • My Master's thesis can be retrieved in CNKI [PDF Download]
  • 2012.09 ~ 2016.06    South China University of Technology
  • Bachelor Degree, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology    
    SupervisorProf. Wen Shangsheng
    • I was accepted in advance through the Independent Admission Examinations in 2012.03
    • I started to do research in the field of Visible Light Communication in 2014.09
    • 2014.09~2016.06 State Key Laboratory of Luminescence Materials and Devices